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Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 26 Mar 2015, 13:34
por Pali
Necesitamos a Rual acá. Él tiene "detalles" técnicos para aportar ;)

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 26 Mar 2015, 18:03
por Thordeim
N35t0r escribió:Es que a los barcos que construyo, les puedo cambiar la formación (ninguna, y las que dan -1 movimiento pero +25% a ataque o a defensa), pero los que capturo, no tienen ninguna y no la puedo cambiar...

Eso no es normal.

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 27 Mar 2015, 18:35
por Rual
"Lucha por su cuenta" es la promo como bien dices para los mercenarios y los que desertan del bando contrario. Se puede quitar luchando con un general en la misma casilla o por un suceso aleatorio. Pero ambas tienes pocas posibilidades de que ocurra.

Lo de los barcos, es más raro. Dentro de las ciudades los barcos no pueden cambiar la formación, mira a ver si es eso. Y creo que los barcos piratas tampoco puedes cambiarlas, que puede ser otra posibilidad...

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 30 Mar 2015, 15:44
por N35t0r
Ninguno de los barcos que capturo, sean piratas o no, pueden cambiar la formación, ni dentro de las ciudades, ni fuera de ellas. He probado agragarles alguna de as dos promociones vía WB, y luego funcionan perfecto, asique por ahora lo he solucionado de esa manera.

Mi pregunta acerca de 'lucha por su cuenta', es si el general en la misma casilla puede ser una unidad a bordo, o si tiene que ser otro barco.

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 31 Mar 2015, 16:47
por Rual
Quizás sea defecto del ascenso lucha por su cuenta, que no deje cambiar formaciones. Tengo que mirar en el changelog del parche 3 que está por salir, a ver si lo han arreglado o no.

Lo de quitar el ascenso lucha por su cuenta, me pillas ahí. En unidades terrestres, tiene que ser un general el que esté en la misma casilla, pero en el caso de los barcos... Supongo que tendrá que haber un barco ascendido a general, pero solo lo supongo.

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 12 Jun 2015, 22:19
por N35t0r
Le metí un general a un barco y eso sirve :b:

(para aclarar, le uní un gran personaje al barco; todavía no probé, y no creo hacerlo ahora que eso primero funciona, de tener una unidad terrestre con general a bordo del barco)

Ah, y los velites (que tienen ataque de rango) se actualizan a legionarios (que no lo tienen), esto está correcto?

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 12 Jun 2015, 23:32
por Pali
¿GG en un Barco? :O


Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 13 Jun 2015, 12:44
por Rual
Esto de estar sin conexión, se le olvida a uno las cosas. Salió el parche 3, con todas estas novedades (cuando pueda lo traduzco):
The most important changes:

-) Wild horses
-) Wild camels
-) New scenario: Keinpferd's Peloponnesian War (based on Thukydides)
-) Limes buildable in all constellations for Roman workers, auxiliars and legions
-) Huts only at rivers and on plane terrain buildable
-) Town added: Cottage->Hamlet->Village->Town
-) Global: XP per attack: 0-3 instead 1-3
-) hire/commission mercenaries: Ships now available
-) Pirate feature only for certain CIVs (only HI). Kilikian pirat stays the same.
-) Hill cottage, Hill hamlet, Hill village (similar to BTS windmill)
-) Refactoring of Techtree
-) Slave feature Update (for HI):
-- Field slaves can only be settled in cities with at least one farm, pasture or latifundium
-- Mine slaves can only be settled in cities with at least one mine or quarry
-- If the last farm/mine... is looted, the former employed slaves are distributed around the plot as fleeing barbarian slaves.
-) no movement points after looting
-) Ranged attack update: costs money (HI only), the better unit the more expensive
-) no movement points after regular attack (except with blitz promo)
- prohibits flight to the city
-) new feature for units: salary and dezimation
-) movement update:
-- Light infantery now has 2 movement points
-- Heavy infantery like before 1 movement point
-- Light cavalery 3, heavy cavalery 2
-- no movement bonus on roads with Civic Soldiers anymore
-) Chariot Archer: 2 move and no cargo
-) Game Option: former Permanent Alliances -> now turns catastrophes off
-) New territorial resource: Thrakian mercenaries (2 units: peltast, romphaia)
-) Settled specialists use up food (like slaves)
-) New victory condition: The Seven World Wonders (own all 7 classic world wonders)


-) AI: fortress promotion removed when unit is not on a defensive improvement
-) Update of ranged combat of enemy stacks
-) Olives provide +1 food again
-) Trait maritime: Promo maritime for ships: +1 movement point; +1 health per city, water plots +1 commerce
-) Traits revised (Boggy)
-) Safety request, whether a unit should be sold at the merc post (for Thorgal)
-) Spy: new skin (more authentic)
-) Trade post once again only buildable on resource plots in no-mans-land
-) Refactored szenario map: Small (JohnDay and JohnStockton)
-) Max. 1 rank promotion per turn, regardless of number of how often the unit is attacked and only if it didn't already receive another promotion that turn.
-) Religion founding always in the capital: Greek, Roman, Celtic, Germanic, Phoenician mythology and Judaism
-) Christianity is found in the Jewish Holy City if it is owned by the founder of Christianity > else in his largest Jewish community > else regular (BTS)
-) Hurry with gold cheaper for units: cost = prod (former: cost = prod*2+50%)
-) Commissioning mercs: overhauled
-- no more spawning on islands
-- large armies and elites spawn at the border
-- number of elite units corrected
-- naval attack added
-- camera zoom to the spawning plot
-) Scout can now mount and unmount
-) Greek and Athenian unique unit scout (Hemerodromos): no terrain malus
-) New skin for swamp
-) Formation interface: multiple selected units can be ordered to take on formation simultaniously
-) Every mercenary commission includes one treasure carriage
-) Scoreboard modified
-) Refactored StartingPoints by BoggyB included
-) From level monarch onwards: the higher the level, the more experienced the units of your KI opponents will be (Combat 1-4)
-) Large ships are built with food (no more -1 Pop)
-) New list of general's names (Markus1978)
-) authentic Kilikian pirate skin (HUNK)
-) Terrain texture updates from BASE (Thanks to Cybah and Thorgal)
-) Platys WorldBuilder included
-) Revision of governor features
-- You can only once per turn and city hire mercenaries or demand tribute
-) New PopUp images when a new age begins
-) Leaderheads changed (Thorgal)
-) New feature: Stranded goods (coastal flotsam can get to stranded goods on nearby land)

General changes:

-) No culture for religions. Only with temples.
-) Civic Tribal Council to Tech Leadership
-) Building settles only possible in cities with (at least) state of a Village
-) Settled Great General: no commerce bonus, +3 culture, +3 espionage, +4 XP
-) Great Library: no free Tech but +25% science. Fortified (Great) harbour necessary
-) Apoikia, Phoen. colony: +1 commerce on water plots instead of +10% commerce
-) Spartans and hoplites outdated with Skirmisher (still to be improved)
-) Religions: spread factor reduced
-) Rel. missionaries only with Astrology (around the time of Temple Economy)
-) Religion founding techs moved (Python adapted)
-) Techtree therefore modified
-) Grain Wagon cheaper
-) Civics: High Priests requires state religion
-) Tech costs +10% from Client States onwards (including Heresy and The Dark Ages)
-) Apostolic Palace: Centre of Christianity is moved to this city, +1 gold per christian city (like BtS)
-) Temple of Salomon: +1 Gold per jewish city (like BtS)
-) Inflation included
-) Chance of storms matched to size of map
-) New icons for new techs and buildings
-) Pop requires once again 2 food instead of 3. Modified terrains, features, improvements and slave-yields
-) Ship formation bonus from 25% -> 10%
-) Better KI: KI always receives a rank promotion for a victorious fight when it didn't receive a terrain/unit-promo
-) Defection chances slightly reduced: 30% -> 20%, single factors 10% each (concept adjusted)
-) PROMOTION_FORM_FORTRESS for units with 1 movement point
-) PROMOTION_FORM_FORTRESS2 for units with 2 movement points
-) Promo: morale changed (no additional movement point anymore)
-) Castra: only buildable by legionaries
-) Formation Pincer Movement: no more for Mounted Units
-) Formation Wedge: only for infanterie and armored Mounted Units
-) Bonus resource Slaves: removed
-) Handicap infos changed
-) Civics: all 50% Boni reduced to 25%
-) KI commissioning of mercenaries when under siege changed
-- ratio city defenders:enemies= 1:3
-- commissioning of max. 2-4 units per turn
-) Promo: Using Roads not selectable. Only for spies and Hun Marauders.
-) Defected pirate ships become regular ships
-) Comissioned mercenary ships carry one unit each (axe, spear or sword)
-) Update for Black Fog: coast stays visible (Cartograms), mountains and rivers stay visible (Map Making), normal FogOfWar (Road Maps)
-) Civic Codex: No bonus for farms
-) Freed slaves have now a specific unitclass (maybe better comprehensible by KI?)
-) No formations for work boats
-) Trade post only for HI. Same effect with Fortresses (also for KI) possible
-) Bonus resource Dramas removed
-) Some buildings use up 1 food (forts, arena, colosseum, stables, castra)
-) Some buildings give a bonus on commerce (saline, brewery, tavern)
-) KI-research adjusted (Formation of States requires Pottery)
-) All Mounted Units, Chariots and Elephants -25% in Forest, -50% in Dense Forest, Jungle, Swamp; armored Mounted Units -50% in Forest instead of -25%.
-) Jungle and Swamp: iMovement=3 (like Dense Forest)
-) City upkeep increased: 2 -> 4
-) Horses, camels and elephants spawning inside the cultural borders stay barbarian without the corresponding domestication tech
-) Trade post: requires Trade In Goods (before Colonization)
-) Emigrant: max 1 at a time (like settler)
-) Python: Buildings-Pedia: Info for negative food storage added
-) Tech: Coastal Improvements moved to after Hellenism (ca. 2nd century BC)
-) Texts imported (Online Text Tool)


-) Fixed capturing of horses, camels and elephants
-) Culture from emigrants fixed (Boggy)
-) Loading of Supply Wagons fixed (correct distribution of plot yield)
-) No automatic renaming of barbarian cities in scenarios
-) Trader and Trade Caravan: bRivalTerritory=0 (OOS fix)
-) Legionary animation fixed (thanks for finding out, Thorgal!)
-) Small Fix with resource spreading regarding the extension: as with village also no spread of resources on towns
-) City build menu update (Ramk)

Descarga: http://download.civforum.de/civ4/mods/PAEV_Patch3.rar

Lo de los velites, me parece extraño. Creo recordar que no se actualizaban. Echaré un ojo a ver, a lo mejor lo cambiaron.
Sí Pali, en vez de un gran general, sería como un gran almirante.

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 2

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 13 Jun 2015, 12:46
por Pali
Rual escribió:Esto de estar sin conexión, se le olvida a uno las cosas. Salió el parche 3, con todas estas novedades (cuando pueda lo traduzco):

Como siempre, se agradece el trabajao desinteresado :wub:

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 3

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 13 Jun 2015, 12:59
por pariku
Y para seguir jugando en amanacer ¿Me tengo que actualizar con el parche?

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 3

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 13 Jun 2015, 13:05
por Rual
No, hombre. Estamos jugando con unas versiones más antiguas. Son demasiados cambios como para meterlos ahora en la partida...

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 4

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 11 Mar 2018, 14:27
por Rual
Después de 2 años, hay parche nuevo de este gran mod:

PAE V Patch 4

Latest and even unique features currently available in PAE only:

A) Trading system:

1) Buy goods in one of your cities (only regional resources available) and sell them in a city of your neighbor civ. Maximize revenue by selling goods that your trading partner does not have, as well as more far away from your trading city. And vice versa. Purchase items you do not own, sell them in one of your cities and profit some turns from this new resource (for example, use bronze to build units without the need of a bronze forge).

2) Take profitable but time-dependent special orders from foreign cities. If you are able to complete a special order in a certain time, you will also receive special goods (gold carts, special units). These orders are not tailor-made for you. So it may be that a distant city needs a good that has not been exploit by you.

B) Distribution

Use your grain wagon to spread cultivable goods (eg cereals and cattle) or to relocate them. Depending on the city status, you may have a certain amount of spreadable bonus items in the city radius.

C) Promotion system

Experience how your legionary gets promoted from a simple soldier, the Munifex, to an optio, centurion, tribune, and legate. This unprecedented feature gives you an insight into the hierarchy of the Roman army. For infantry and cavalry soldiers, as well as for the late Roman soldier classes. In future patches - if this is well accepted by you players - it will also available for Greeks, Macedonians, Egyptians and Assyrians.

D) Opencast mining on hill

Without any ore or precious metal: no mine. At first, only open-cast mining is used at hills, where, perhaps, in the course of time, the ores comes to light. Therefore, mining is only possible on hills with ore or gems. So do not be afraid if you have hardly any strategic resources in your borders, or you do not have an ore for brass or bronze. With some quarries there is definitely something available soon.

-) Revision and extension of the tech tree
-) New age: Late antiquity (including techs, buildings, units)
-) Workers now available without agriculture (branch of research for nomad civs)
-) First form of espionage from alphabet to code of laws
-) Update Leader Leonidas
-) Coast +1 commerce
-) Updates in wonders (Luxor: Holy City of the Egyptians, Horus temple only with Egyptian religion).
-) Saline and brewery bring no more resource, but local health. For tavern brewery required.
-) Bonus resource: beer is gone. (there are too many happiness bonuses in the game, sorry)
-) Trade posts without silk road buildable. Merchants can be built with trade posts.
-) Building of the emigration unit disabled (in cities; settlers can disband cities too which inits an emigrant)
-) TXT_KEY_MISC_WINS_VICTORY blank, so that at the end of a victory or a defeat the white text no longer covers the main interface.
-) Trait Maritim: 1 trade route on coastial cities, instead of +1 commerce on coasts
-) Arquites -> Arquites Legionis changed to Sagittarius -> Arquites
-) Swamp is now a terrain (like grass land) and no plot feature (eg forest) anymore
-) mercenary guilds and units (building + bonus) are sling out
-) Propagation rate of Christianity halved
-) Golden age extended
-) Cities can be found on jungle again
-) Reduced costs for ranged attack. Skirmishers cheaper.
-) Onager = Catapult (Romans)
-) Galley gone
-) glassware now +1 happiness and are considered as rarities (new trade feature)
-) Construction time on swamps increased (workers)
-) Rom. and pers. workers gone, because when you press build automatic route in late antiquity, they build special roads only. Construction of roads enabled for legionaries and immortals only
-) Mines on empty hills no longer buildable -> only quarries -> can pop up ores -> upgrade on mine possible then
-) Gamespeed: iGrowth and iResearch changed
-) Cult costs reduced
-) Small adjustments to the music (besides, there are 28 additional pieces of music adapted to certain eras in PAE)

-) Bugfix: fixed problem when deflecting a vassal to the conquerors also concluded peace with the barbarians.
-) Update of research requirements in Util (AI)
-) Update amount of Huns in RandomEventInterface
-) AI settler inits in certain techs from emperor (difficulty level) on
-) Bugfix: Arise of Huns on peaks
-) Bugfix: vassal feature
-) Death of General unit revised.
-) Revision of stadtholder feature: Can now only be used if happycap <= 0.
-) City conquest under pop 3: no tech gain, no refugees, no gold cart (otherwise exploit)
-) Revision of the AI emigrant
-) mercenary purchase: Units immobile some turns
-) capitulation (vassal feature) deactivated on AI-AI
-) No General unit with elite archer or skirmisher
-) Restructuring and optimization of Pedia
-) Slaves can now accelerate latifundia (Roman improvement)
-) Units get +1 XP with the Tech Warrior ethos (Aggr Leader and Conqueror +2 XP)
-) War weariness only from elite status on (before: veteran status)
-) Large Pedia update (separation: buildings-special buildings-wonders-national wonders, units-special units)
-) Reworking of some Pedia sheets (units, techs, civs, leaders)
-) Barbarian forts instead of barbarian cities
-) Emigration also in times of anarchy, lack of state religion and due to high taxes
-) Interface: Promotions integrated into the unit's screen (bottom left)
-) Interface: Foldable taxes (top left)
-) Interface: city bonuses fitted into scrollable panels
-) Interface: slaves / gladiator bar now includes the possible amount of spreadable goods due to the city status

XML and Python:
-) New Feature: Military Ranking System (Roman legionnaires, Celts / Germanic- Tribal Chiefs and Huns-> Khagan)
-) Buuilding of emigrants are disabled, because it harms the AI. But the chance to get one has been increased when a city is unhappy or unhealthy
-) Settlers can now disband cities (pop < 3)
-) New trade feature: cities attract with special orders
-) Revision of the cultivation feature (depending on city status)


Re: PAE V versión final Parche 4

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 15 Mar 2018, 17:12
por Pali
Nooooo... que genial, lo siguen mejorando!!!!!

Re: PAE V versión final Parche 4

Mensaje sin leerPublicado: 03 Dic 2018, 14:15
por Rual
Hay una nueva descarga del mod. Hay que instalarla después del patch 4.
PAEV Patch 4 Bugfixes